“If you drink or use, that's your business. If you want to quit and can't, then that's our business.”

Alternative Motorcycle Club is a family oriented club that has fun riding and is proud of being clean and sober.

Alternative M.C.

Alternative MC Ride Sober Recovery BikersAlternative M.C. Was founded in 1994; most of the original members were from another Clean & Sober club that chose to take a different road. Those who chose to continue as a C/S club celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2014 and are growing. We continue to adhere to our Preamble as a Clean and Sober Club. We are what we say we are Clean and Sober. We take great pride in keeping the integrity of our Club just that. If you drink or use thats your business, if you want to stop and cant then its ours.

There is life after Drugs and Alcohol. We can show you it works.Alternative M/C follows the principles set forth in both A.A and N.A; All of our members are active in both 12 step programs. We neither endorse nor do we oppose any cause. We do not encourage or promote attitudes. Alternative M.C is a family orientated club that has fun riding and is proud of being clean and sober. We feel we have something worthwhile to offer any clean and sober rider. Alternative M.C has become an excellent extension of the brotherhood and the 12 step fellowship.


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